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Bringing success and transformation to the households of Women & Children, Small-Scale Farmers & the Vulnerable Population to join in the fight of poverty in different communities of Malawi.


 To bring empowerment to its targets through, mitigation of poverty and hunger, supplying services for good and quality health through community engagement in problem identification by using a holistic approach and strategies relying on poverty/hunger alleviation  and reduce inequalities.

It is strictly aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 (SDG’s).


The SIPACIO’s target being transformed in their households, enjoy the success of their livelihoods, seeing women making decisions, resilient and seeing them changing their mind-set through different trainings on different skills received for sustainable development in Malawi. 

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About Us


The focus of SIPACIO is on farming communities, agricultural production, training in processing, preservation, promotion, marketing of agricultural products. We will also strive to create awareness on climate change, education and mitigation.

Our aim is to mobilize communities for active participation in their own social-economic development through innovative activities as a way of empowering them for self-reliance