About us

SIPACIO has its Head Office in the City of Blantyre at General Vision Screen Printers Building, Opposite Paradise Motel Chilimba,  Blantyre – Malawi. The organization is a Registered Non-Profit-Making – Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the laws of Malawi under the Trustees Incorporation Act and has approved Device Affixed of Common Seal by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Malawi.  The organization is also registered with the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations (CONGOMA) and the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Board.


SIPACIO-Malawi has a clear understanding of the gaps and problems that exists in the communities of Malawi.  Now it is  working in the country on various programs  including  Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, Women Empowerment, HIV/AIDS, Child Protection etc, These programs shall be worked with rural communities and among other things, focused on empowering the youth to take part in all developments as they remain leaders of tomorrow, focused on prevention and control of the spread of HIV/AIDS, focused on giving immediate support to the poor Small Scale Farmers, The Women and the Children, the Vulnerable Populations and the Orphans in the communities of the country. SIPACIO-Malawi has also learned that there are ways to eradicate some problems its targets/beneficiaries’ are facing including child stunting, child and maternal anaemia, food shortage, money saving culture, gender equality, and shortage of medical support to vulnerable people.

To this end SIPACIO-Malawi is submitting bids in order to work in rural and to contribute to the strengthening of service delivery at the community level through provision of minimum package of project interventions offered to targeted communities in the country.

our team

Queen Maneya

Country Director

Pilirani Kumasala Fred Tembo


Phillip George Chimtengo

Director of Programs